Prairie Fire Glass Memorials

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Glass Memorials with Ashes

Over the last several years we’ve had many folks ask about incorporating the ashes of lost loved ones into glass vessels.

Often families wish to keep the ashes in one place, but with the creation of glass memorials, multiple family members can have a small object that helps summon the spirit of their lost loved one. The remaining ashes can then be scattered, interred or kept in a special place.

What kinds of objects can you make?

We’ve created glass memorial paperweights, hearts, oil candles or almost any other glass object in our gallery. We can also make custom urns to hold the remaining ashes.

How does it work?

It takes a very small amount of ashes for each memorial—less than half of a teaspoon. The ashes themselves do not melt, but when encased between layers of glass, they create a cloud-like effect. They’re especially moving when on a light box, as the ashes can catch small bubbles that are illuminated like stars in the sky.

What’s the cost?

We’ll work with you on the appropriate piece, color, size and budget. We don’t charge extra for incorporating ashes—our pricing is the same as our other designs without ashes. Paperweights can range from $45 to $125, flower paperweights and oil candles are $175

How do we get started?

Email or call us at the studio, and we’ll schedule a time to discuss the creation process: what to make, color design, pricing, and the best way to get the ashes.