Custom Lighting

Looking for a pop of color over the island in your kitchen? Perhaps some unique lighting for an entryway or special area behind the bar?

Custom lighting can add color and style to existing light fixtures in your home, or add a unique touch to new construction or remodels. You can choose from any of our existing designs, or we can create a custom design to best complement your décor. We’ll work together on the color, size and shape that’s best for your space.

How do I know if I can replace the shades on my existing fixtures?

There are two ways that glass shades can attach to a light fixture: either with small thumbscrews, or with a threaded collar and nut. If your fixture has the threaded collar, we can make a shade to fit.


How do we get started?

Email or call us at the studio, and we’ll schedule a time to discuss the creation process: what to make, color design, and pricing.